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E-Mail: david@whiteboxuk.com
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In an increasingly complex business landscape, Elavon is your global source for innovative payment solutions�the one company that clients and partners everywhere trust to securely and reliably manage their payments business. Whatever you need and wherever you need it, we deliver innovative and secure solutions to help you increase revenues, decrease costs, and sharpen your competitive edge. At Elavon, we�re elevating payments.

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Experience global connectivityElavon�s international processing platform is one of the most powerful payment networks in the world.

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Gain a Market AdvantageElavon�s end-to-end processing solutions can be tailored to meet the unique needs of specialized markets.

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WhiteBoxUK (Procurment Manager)
E-Mail: david@whiteboxuk.com
Phone: 01572 759200


Elavon Merchant Services currently has no purchasing offers on the website.

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Terms Of Business

Strict Credit checks are in place for all clients
Billing Information 4 Weeks Credit dependent on Standard Terms and Conditions
Delivery Days or Times to Be Arranged dependent on Client and Company Needs
Distribution method, own in house distribution network
Return Policies: Policy based on Standard terms and conditions of sale.
Payment is strictly 30 days
Cash on delivery accounts will not be left with the client unless payment is made to driver.
Minimum order: TBA
Delivery Days: TBA with the clients

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