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BOC Sureserve is the leading dispense gases supplier in the UK. BOC Sureserve offers you a carefree cellar management service that will exceed all your requirements for today and tomorrow. Providing the most reliable, regular �milkround� gas delivery service and a choice of leading edge gas dispense technology for improving pint quality and consistency, speed of delivery and reducing cylinder holdings for a safer working environment. BOC Sureserve provides patio equipment, balloons and gas to create a unique party atmosphere so that patrons will come back to your outlet time and again.
When it comes to safety, BOC Sureserve has a well-earned reputation as the industry's experts. We are committed to working safely at all times, and that means we're concerned about your safety, too...
As an owner or manager, you have a legal responsibility to make sure that your staff can work safely without risking an injury or damaging their health. If you register with BOC Sureserve, you will be able to do this because we'll help you keep up to date with the latest safety and environmental health regulations such as:
The Confined Spaces Regulations

Most cellars come within the scope of these regulations. They cover a wide range of 'specified risks', but by far the most important one is loss of consciousness or asphyxiation due the accidental release of dispense gas from a cylinder.

COSHH Regulations

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH), all 'hazardous substances' must be identified and assessed for health risks to employees. In a pub, club or restaurant, the most common hazardous substances are dispense gases and cleaning chemicals.

The Manual Handling Regulations

Manual Handling Regulations provide direction and guidance for assessing the risk of injury from manual handling operations. These include transporting or supporting loads by hand or by 'bodily force'. More than a third of the accidents reported each year are associated with manual handling operations.

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations

These regulations are designed to minimise the risk of serious injury from the uncontrolled release of stored energy from a pressure system such as a dispense gas cylinder.


WhiteBoxUK (Procurment Manager)
E-Mail: david@whiteboxuk.com
Phone: 01572 759200


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Case Studies

  • Avoid Gas Outs
    Damaged and lost washers
  • Terms Of Business

    Delivery Times: 9am - 5pm Mon - Sun 365 days a week
    Rapid Response offer available in certain areas, deliveries within 4 hours, subject to a monthly fee.
    Distribution method; Delivered to point of use
    Distribution Terms: Milk Round Delivery services agreed with customer
    Minimum Orders: none
    Distribution Centres: Nationwide
    Return Policies: State Policy

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