Flu Season

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Ensure your business is prepared for flu season   

As the flu outbreak continues to grow businesses need to put contingency plans in place to minimise the risk of the infection spreading through the workforce. In support of the national CATCH IT, BIN IT, KILL IT campaign led by the Department of Health, Cannon Hygiene has a number of products to help businesses prepare and reduce the spread of cold, flu and other viruses amongst their staff, customers and visitors.

Hand SanitisingHands can transfer germs onto every surface touched, therefore it’s vital that everyone cleans hands frequently to prevent the spread of infection. 

Cannon has an anti bacterial foam soap, available in a manual dispenser containing polygiene antimicrobial technology.  Luxury liquid soap is also available through a non-touch dispenser to eliminate cross contamination. 

It is vital that hands are dried thoroughly after washing. Cannon offers a number of hand drying options from linen roll towels and paper towels to non-touch, high speed cold air dryers such as the Cannon Air Jet. 

Our hand sanitiser is an ideal solution to clean hands when no water is available. It kills 99% of germs and bacteria on hands to eliminate the spread of germs therefore reducing the risk of cross contamination. The unit can be sited in many areas of a building such as outside a washroom, office, changing area or positioned in the building entrance to allow staff and visitors to sanitise hands on arrival and departure. 

Personal ProtectionCannon Hygiene offers a simple 'Personal Protection Kit' that is ideal to issue to all employees and contains:


1 x Deb foam hand sanitiser with Dettol (kills 99.999% of bacteria) 

4 x alcohol free cleansing wipes 

1 x pair of disposable vinyl gloves 

2 x face masks        

For more information about our Personal Protection Kits please click here.

Washroom SanitisingThe Department of Health advises businesses to frequently clean surfaces that are touched by hands to reduce the risk of transmission.  This is crucial in a building’s washrooms.

The Cannon Toilet Seat Cleaner reduces the risk of cross contamination by spraying the liquid onto a paper product and wiping down toilet seats, WC flush handles and door handles. 

Our Prozone unit destroys harmful viruses, killing both airborne and surface bacteria. It contains no harmful chemicals or waste and operates automatically on a number of settings suitable for the room size and business hours. 

Cannon also offer a full range of protective items such as disposable gloves, aprons and mob caps.

For more information please contact our sales agents at: info@whiteboxuk.com or visit www.whiteboxuk.com


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