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To run a successful PPC campaign it takes tact and skill. Below are a few tips for ensuring a successful campaign.

Don’t forget Geography. If your products/services are local or regional, be sure to research phrases that include a state or city. For example, a property or cleaning business that conducts most of its business in Manchester and Birmingham would want to find high value phrases like ‘office cleaning Manchester or buy Birmingham property’.
Apply 20/80 Principle
When managing Pay Per Click campaigns, remember that 80% of your sales and sales leads are produced by 20% of your search phrases. Make sure you know your 20% versus 80% and focus your efforts and budgets accordingly.
Niche Search Phrases (PPC)
For your Pay Per Click campaigns, do not simply choose search phrases that generate the most impressions because they will be the most expensive. Look for niche phrases that have a low number of competing sites (low CPC) and good impressions.
Pay Per Click Title Ad Copy
Always use the keyword in your PPC ad title (and if possible, description). Industry research indicates that the perceived quality is approximately 60% higher in listings where the search term is included.
Positive Persuasion
Because you have limited character space, you must choose your words wisely. Certain words like, Maximise, Exclusive and Indulge have a positive persuasion affect on potential visitors versus negative ones like Difficult or Expensive.
CTR is King on Google
When running a Pay Per Click campaign on Google Adwords, remember that the position you achieve is based on the click-through rate (CTR) of your advert, not just the bid price. Therefore, the higher the CTR’s of your adverts, the better position you can achieve for lower bid prices.
Show No Mercy
If a specific keyword regardless of how the ad is written and tested still does not generate a sale or lead - get rid of it before it wastes more budget. Unless the keyword has some significant and justifiable brand appeal then do not continue fueling the Pay Per Click search engine’s revenue stream.
The above are just some of the ways to run a successful campaign. Through testing and refining campaigns can be further improved.

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