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Information supplied by: Ue Coffee Roasters Limited

Hotel reception and foyer areas are cashing in on big profits through new sales opportunities, while the high street remains in a recession frenzy talking itself into a prolonged downturn and continued profit warnings.

At a time when the market is looking to reduce costs and limit profit losses, were helping the hospitality industry see how a premium coffee offer introduced to foyer or reception area is not only recession proof but is also helping add thousands to a hotels bottom line.

In recent months we have introduced a number of cost effective gourmet coffee concepts to hotel venues, that have transformed large open spaces and reception areas into the perfect coffee and meeting point destination for traveling business people and hotel guests. From as little as £15,000 investment and with the correct marketing and training support, a hotel can easily see a profit of £100K + within the first 12 months.

We make full use of our many years of direct retail experience from running successful multiple retail coffee locations, to providing boutique coffee solutions to some of the biggest names in the industry. If you feel this experience could help you in unleashing your hotels potential, why not call Urban Espresso today and arrange to meet one of retail espresso specialist for a no obligation consultation.

We’re here to make a great coffee experience a reality in every hotel reception, in every hotel throughout the UK.

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