The Whiteox Buying Group is a leading provider of:

  • Purchasing services.
  • IT software solutions
  • Quality operational support services to the UK hospitality markets

Our service to our clients commences with a completely free from obligation meeting and review followed by an evaluation report for either/or operational support and cost comparisons which will then be presented back to our clients highlighting the benefits and our recommendations.

You have nothing to lose, the worst case scenario is that we review your current arrangements at no cost, and the best case scenario is that you find that we can save you a lot of money on your current supply and operational procedures.


Through the purchasing volume of our clients and constant pricing review with suppliers, we are able to ensure that our clients can purchase goods at considerably lower than market price and with no loss in quality or service.

Typically when we carry out a price matching exercises on behalf of potential clients, our prices are significantly cheaper than those currently in place, even when the same suppliers are being used for exactly the same products.
We always use (where possible) a "like for like" shopping basket.

Our team of purchasing support managers deliver the highest quality of purchasing, creating cost benefits to your business.

Key areas for procurement review are:

    * Food
    * Drink
    * Housekeeping supplies
    * Utilities
    * Chemicals and disposables
    * Office Supplies
    * Fixtures, fittings and equipment

At WhiteBox we believe working in partnership with our clients helps us to really understand their needs, and therefore fulfilling our client’s requirements and achieving their goals.


For more in depth details on our software solutions and the many benefits it can bring to your company, please go to our sister site www.synergy-itc.com

Software includes:

  1. Online purchasing
  2. Purchase order systems
  3. Supply budget management
  4. Forecasting
  5. Stock systems
  6. Recipe and menu management (with or without Nutritional information)


White Box offers an operational support service to our clients. At WhiteBox we bespoke our service around the client’s needs, however our service includes but is not limited to;
   1. Management contracts

   2. Management consultancy

   3. Provision of an extranet services

   4. Menu compilation, costings and specifications sheets for food menu planning / creation

   5. Creation of order sheets and product specifications

   6. Supply set-up and support with dedicated office support lines
   5. "Back door audits" checking the actual delivery of goods to ensure that the agreed quality  and quantities are delivered.
   7. Food and Liquor margin management (improvement through operational compliance and operational efficiency). We will be able to improve your margins, in part, by assisting your business to comply with good business practices.

Your dedicated account manager and directors

As a WhiteBox client we offer the benefits of your own account manager who will be available should you require. This will ensure you are getting the best from your relationship with WhiteBox.


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Neil and Linda, Owners of the Normanton Park Hotel

"I first approached Whitebox in the hope that they could save me some money on my electricity bill I was so amazed by the savings I now use them for all my supply needs."

General Manager, The Finchley Hotel

"Mattresses have always been a big part of our purchasing; the amount of money Whitebox has saved us has been nothing short of a miracle."