Time to Review Gas and Electricity Prices?

January 19th, 2012

While of course news of energy price cuts announced over the last few days by 4 of the UKs 6 major energy suppliers is positive, it does make this a good time to be reevaluating whether you are actually getting the best deal from your current gas and electricity supplier.

Interestingly although wholesale gas prices have come down, the price cuts are actually being applied quite differently by the main suppliers. While British Gas is cutting the cost of electricity, they have not made any changes to the cost of the gas they supply. On the other hand Scottish and Southern Energy and Eon are cutting their gas prices while not making any cuts to the price of electricity. While British Gas has many more gas than electricity customers, both SSE and Eon have more electricity customers and have only cut gas prices.

Overall there has been a drop in gas and electricity prices of 5%, but depending on who your supplier is and where in the country you are, this might not be reflected in your own utilities bills. The other thing to remember is that even if you are now getting the maximum saving you are still likely to be paying more than you were this time last year due to significant increases (up to 28% in some cases) that have been made in the last year.

It seems very likely that savings will be made by businesses who are ready to change gas and electricity suppliers this year, but there is not currently one overall cheapest supplier in the UK. The best deal will likely depend on both your location in the UK as well as your usage patterns. This makes it a great time to consult with The Whitebox Buying Group about the best options for your business.

Not only can we help you save money on utilities, in fact we can help you to make savings right across your company’s purchasing. Often we can help you save money even when you continue to purchase the exact same products from the same supplier.

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Hotel Appointments

January 12th, 2012

As a hotel supplies specialist, at Whitebox we always like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to issues effecting the hotel industry. A trend reported this weekend by Hotels.Com has interesting implications when it comes to distressed inventory for hotels.

With more than 3m users of the Hotels.Com mobile app, some stark differences in usage have come to light. While on the main website just 15% of users are searching for a hotel room on the same day, it seems that a whopping 70% of users of the app need a room that night.

Even the typical times of use are different. When compared to the website searches made between 7pm and 10pm are twice as common. It seems that users of hotel phone apps are waiting until the last minute to book. As confidence in travel bookings made on a mobile platform grows, this surely opens up an interesting new revenue stream for forward thinking hoteliers.

Voucher websites are another outlet favoured by some hoteliers for selling rooms at the last minute. Rather than focusing on out of town travellers, these last minute discounts are focused on locals with couples celebrating a special occasion being on interesting target group. Like the last minute bookings made on the Hotels.com app, long distance commuters are another group that are thought to be a good potential market for last minute bookings.

When it comes to people travelling a long distance for work, the current Christmas party season is only going to increase demand for last minute hotel rooms. Moving in to the winter, bad weather is another factor likely to influence the decision to avoid a commute home.

In similar news, Orbitz is expected to launch a ‘tonight only’ deals feature on their mobile site next week to take advantage of these late bookings.